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The service defining OCTES is an Integrated Renewable Energy Management Service (IREMS). The OCTES smart meter system, True Realtime Energy Efficiency Meter (TREEM) is at the core of IREMS.  

TREEM was used during the OCTES project to study the behaviour of individual homes and consumers. Householders and consumers used OCTES as an opportunity to study whether changes in their behaviour improved the pattern of their energy consumption.

TREEM increased the energy awareness of faulty household electric appliances, as higher energy consumption was recognised by the system. TREEM users were also able to compare their energy consumption with one another to see how their behaviour and energy consumption patterns compared to similar users and households.

Throughout the project duration, OCTES worked with Energy Saving Trust on the Smart Metering Advice Project (SMAP) to develop the SMAP tool. Users of TREEM were able to use the web tool to study the effect of changing energy provider and also get advice on energy storage solutions. The measured data from TREEM users were automatically sent to a webserver and results generated, but others not using TREEM will need to upload data through a web interface in the future.

To summarise, the highlights of the OCTES product (TREEM) and service (IREMS) are listed below:

  • low cost energy monitoring system
  • Flexible usage, suitable for further pilot programmes
  • Increases energy awareness of households
  • Allows for comparitive studies
  • Allows for behaviour studies of household
  • Advice on suitable energy storage solutions based on usage


To read the SMAP final report, please click here

To download SMAP final report appendices, please click here


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